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The Godswords of Gielinor are a collection of two-handed swords based upon the Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos & Armadyl Godswords from Runescape.Codes for Runescape are claimed to be easily available however the reality is much various from this. The combat calculator is a device to see how many levels you need to obtain to get a combat level. Is very important to recognize the value of the RuneScape items you are trading due to the fact that you could fraud on your own from a great deal of gold simply by unknowning just what a RuneScape product deserves!

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RuneScape players complain that they will never ever be able to generate income because of the introduction of profession limitations, which restrict the quantity of cash you can get in RuneScape in a trade. Jagex has actually announced that Runescape and also Traditional Runescape gamers will have the chance to participate in in-game events to elevate funds for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to aid in the conservation of large cats in the wild.


This section contains news about updates to this site, in particular information regarding any changes to specs included in new patches.

I’ll also use this page to outline extra stuff I hope to be adding in the future, and if you have any comments and suggestions feel free to use the pilots log.

sirhs zales Saturday 08 October 2005 – 19:36
likie the changes but would like to see the haulers biggger to sell and trade with , and move at a good speed

Zond 3 Friday 07 October 2005 – 10:03
I hear ya

The Angry Badger Thursday 06 October 2005 – 10:49
What are the odds of adding details of faction ships and goodies to your DB? Always satisfying to know that your kit is so much better than Joe Bloggs next door, and having details to hand would help you decide whether that BP the agent is wafting under your nose is worth spending 180m on. Otherwise the site is great…

Zond 3 Thursday 06 October 2005 – 10:38
Working on it

Bruno Bonner Wednesday 05 October 2005 – 18:34
some bugs:

Ship vs Ship comparison needs cargo space and magnetometric sensor strenght

MrQuestion Monday 03 October 2005 – 07:21
Got a q that I think would be best answered by a live (aka chatroom) setup, since I’ve got too many questions and not a lot of time to sign in and stuff into the main eve-online website. Considering that their forums require a game account with a trial key I’m reserving for someone else.

So, anyone know some sort of local IRC or java based chat system I can come into and ask around?

Anonymous Wednesday 28 September 2005 – 17:03
Eve is a monthly subscription game, but you can try it for free for 2 weeks

Chunkey Wednesday 28 September 2005 – 09:52
Just woundering is this a pravite server if so do i have to pay anything to play EVE ONLINE :) thanx

Sho Sunday 18 September 2005 – 15:01
This game does not take up time like most other games, it’s no time sink thats for sure.

So if you only have a few hours a week to play its fine.

Venera Saturday 17 September 2005 – 22:11
Wow, only just come back to this after a few months away and its all been updated!


There are a huge variety of ships available to fly in Eve Online:Exodus ranging from small frigates, multi-purpose cruisers, lightning fast interceptors, deadly battleships and huge industrial transports.

The screenshots here give you an idea of just how good these ship designs are.

Clicking on a thumbnail will launch a slideshow for that ship. Clicking on the ship name will display it’s full spec.

You can also upload your own ship to feature in the gallery.

Developed by Zond 3.

Ship v ship

This site was developed for use in conjunction with Eve Online:The Second Genesis, an epic massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set in a distant galaxy, populated by thousands of players around the world.

This tool lets you view the full spec of two ships side by side, useful for weighing up the strengths and weaknesses of a potentially hostile target against your own ship. Know your enemy before you engage in battle!

Filter down to the desired ship by selecting from the dropdown lists, starting at the top and working down. Once the coloured boxes contain your selection click ‘Go’ to view the results.

Alternatively, you can type the names of the ships you wish to compare directly into the coloured boxes. Typing only the first few letters will return the closest match. Specs with a superior value are highlighted in bold.

Developed by Zond 3.

Eve Online:Exodus

Eve Online:Exodus by CCP is a massively multiplayer online game set in space. Players pilot a wide variety of ships seeking fortune and adventure in a distant galaxy spanning 5000 solar systems.

In order to help you decide which ship best fits your needs these tools let you compare ship attributes in an easy to read graph format.

The tool on the left lets you compare ships across multiple races that belong to the same class. Select a combination of up to 3 attributes and click ‘Go’ to view the results. Clicking on a ship name will display its full spec.

Developed by Zond 3.